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WNC’s Social Care Assistance Platform provides a convenient channel for employees to obtain social care information, to make donations, and to offer assistance on-line. Through this platform, employees can obtain information on fund-raising and the results of social care activities at any time.

Charity Fundraising

WNC is proactive in conducting charity fundraising and has organized internal donation campaigns and encouraged employee donations in response to major disasters or the special needs of colleagues and the community. Care, financial assistance, legal consultation, and/or funeral assistance are also provided for injured/seriously ill employees or for family members of employees who pass away. WNC also encourages employees to help those in need and to donate to charity.

Charity Sales Events

The fifth day of each month is designated WNC Charity Day, and employees are encouraged to show their support by purchasing items from charity organizations. Each month, WNC’s Employee Relations Department invites a charitable organization to set up a stand and sell products at Taiwan sites. In 2022, in response to the government’s epidemic prevention policy, WNC invited 16 charity organizations (including social welfare organizations, social development organizations, and social enterprises) to hold online sales for WNC employees.