Employee Care

Occupational Safety and Health Management

WNC established an occupational safety and health management system in accordance with the ISO 45001 standard, and regularly reviews the operations of the occupational safety and health system to prevent occupational disease and injury and to protect the physical and mental health of staff. In 2020, WNC achieved its goal of zero major occupational accidents.

In Taiwan, to fully understand the process by which near misses, abnormalities, injuries, and major accidents occur and to prevent their reoccurrence, the company performs accident investigation and analysis in accordance with the Accident Investigation Management Procedure and has formulated measures to prevent the re-occurrence of incidents. Inspection is conducted across all sites and prevention measures are implemented.

Occupational Accident/Near-miss Investigation Process

A Healthy Workplace

To create a healthy workplace, WNC promotes numerous health care measures and health promotion activities.

WNC′s sites employ nurses with past clinical experience in internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, and intensive care medicine. The facility nurses compile analyses of employees’ health issues, perform personal health hierarchical management, and plan annual health care and promotion activities accordingly to assist staff in enhancing their health awareness, and fully implement healthy living.

On top of caring for employees’ physical conditions, WNC provides employees with required health education, care, and report mechanisms for injuries or sicknesses resulting from official duties or personal issues, including injury and illness follow-ups, recommendations for a reasonable number of rest days, evaluations for resumption of work or suitable work, and assistance for the resumption of work. WNC’s Taiwan sites launched a WNC Employee Assistance Program with an external consultation company which provides WNC employees with consultation services for vocational, familial, interpersonal, physical and emotional financial, legal, and managerial issues.

Employee Activities and Welfare

Apart from health care enhancement measures and sports equipment, WNC develops employee activity plans centering on two themes: health care and quality-of-life improvement.