Green Products

Green Product Management

WNC’s Green Products Section is tasked with coordinating all internal and external matters relating to green products and to work with operations, purchasing, R&D, and manufacturing units to effectively monitor the management process for environmental product development during the product design, production, and shipment stages. The section’s responsibilities include evaluation and execution of compliance with international laws, regulations, and customer environmental protection directives, evaluation of green label compliance, promotion of green product continual improvement initiatives, control of hazardous substances, auditing of green products, and management of suppliers to ensure the effectiveness of WNC’s green policy implementation.

WNC Green Product Management Organization

Hazardous Substances Management

WNC has implemented lead-free processes and enforced halogen-free standards in production processes to reduce the environmental impact of said processes. WNC also utilizes XRF equipment to perform reliable and rigorous measurement and monitoring of prohibited and restricted substances in raw materials and products that are hazardous to the environment.