Participation in Society

Assisting University Service Clubs

To encourage college students to care for people, serve as volunteers, and further uphold the values of caring for society, WNC provides long-term subsidies for student clubs at National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) and National Cheng Kung University (NCKU). Through its cooperation with the NTHU Indigenous Culture Club, the NTHU Science Promotion Club, the NTHU WHYOU Club, the NCKU Social Service Team, the NCKU Philanthropy Club, and the NCKU Students Service Club, WNC helps college students promote after-school assistance and science education for disadvantaged children from remote areas in Taiwan or from disadvantaged groups. These clubs also offer services for socio-economically disadvantaged elderly, children, and disabled persons.


Rural Education Development

WNC is concerned for Taiwan’s disadvantaged children and understands the importance of developing rural education. Since 2013, WNC has assisted Tunan Elementary School in remote Jianshih township in Hsinchu County on aspects of indigenous culture, including developing their talents in Judo, choir singing, and archery. Since June 2017, WNC’s social care program has provided support to Siang Bi Elementary School in Miaoli County to help enable traditional Atayal hunting and archery culture to be passed on to future generations and facilitate the cultivation of young archery talent.

Social Care Donation Plan for Disadvantaged Children in Remote Areas

WNC began working with the Miaoli Chunan Family Support Center on a sponsorship plan for schoolchildren in rural areas. In 2020, WNC successfully duplicated this success to the Hsinchu Family Support Center to show support for heritage education in rural primary schools. The scope of support also increased from the original Atayal and Saisiyat tribes to include Bunun and Paiwan. A total of 284 employees participated in the sponsorship program in June and December 2020, with 79 schoolchildren sponsored. A majority of employees demonstrated their generosity by continuing their support for the sponsorship program.

WNC Offers English Lessons with Love

WNC understands children in remote areas are in need of better education in various subjects. In 2020, WNC and the Boyo Foundation began working together to launch a three-year “Differentiated English Teaching Program” to provide free after-school English classes for Tunan Elementary School students in Jianshi Township, Hsinchu County. The classes will help the children to advance to junior high school courses. The program was launched in September 2020 and received support from many WNC executives. Their donations amounted to NT$860,000 and will fund expenses for the English classes, including teacher recruitment, class materials, English camps, and field trips. A total of 50 children attended and benefited from the program from September to December 2020.

WNC Classroom

Leveraging its industry knowledge, WNC designed a series of basic communications and science teaching materials in 2020. These are provided to elementary schools in remote areas as supplementary materials for science and technology classes to bridge the rural-urban divide in educational resources. WNC also invited Tsing Hua University student interns to participate in the WNC Classroom course planning and writing. The game-based course contents are designed for grade one through grade six to make exploring technological trends and applications more fun.

Assisting Social Welfare Groups

WNC kicked off its social care program with a Social Care Assistance Platform set up on the intranet with the purpose of providing a convenient channel for employees to obtain social care information, to make donations, and offer assistance on-line. Through this platform, employees can get fund-raising information and the results of social care activities anytime. It is hoped that WNC employees can continue to engage in social care with the company.