Training and Development

WNC attaches great importance to recruiting talented people and improving their skills and general knowledge. Based on this concept and the principles of growth, innovation, and cooperation, employees are provided with job function enhancement training programs, key competencies enhancement programs, and supervisory and leadership training. Recruitment activities in compliance with local laws and regulations are held. WNC employees are provided with healthy and safe working conditions and complete occupational training.

WNC Employee Career Development

Developing a Learning Organization

Supervisors of all levels are encouraged to teach at least one two-hour class to share their management practices, professional knowledge/skill, lessons learned, new trends/technologies, and project experience each year. WNC has also instituted an internal instructor certification system to train instructors according to the training and development objectives of the year. Top-tier managers from different units in WNC’s sites in Taiwan and China recommend candidates for the instructors. The candidates must attend the instructor-training courses organized by the Human Resources Administration Division, conduct demonstration lectures, and be assessed based on their performance in the demonstration. Qualified employees can then become certified internal instructors. All instructors will be recognized on Teacher’s Day every year. Also, activities are organized during the Teacher’s Day celebration for employees to show appreciation for their instructors.

Internal and External Training

In 2010, the WNC Colleges were established, composed of a Management College, Marketing College, R&D College, Manufacturing Quality College, General Knowledge College, and AI & Digital College. Respective colleges are led by top managers of related units, with organizational topics, future vision, and strategy adopted as points of departure for the construction of a successful template for a talent development system.

Apart from the six Colleges, WNC also encourages employees to participate in both internal and external training including seminars, lectures, specialized training, and on-the-job refresher courses. With the approval of the employee’s department manager, WNC provides full subsidies for the external courses taken. For English courses, each WNC employee may receive up to NT$10,000 in subsidies per year to take these courses. In addition, departments are encouraged to host reading clubs to share insights gained through books. In order to ensure the quality of course content, participants are surveyed after courses conclude to determine the participants’ retention, the teaching skills of the instructors, and recommendations for course improvement.

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