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WNC employees formed a volunteer club of their own accord. In addition to participating in volunteer activities, they also take part in environmental improvement actions, including the “Beach Cleanup, Plastic Reduction, Love the Earth” event held in September 2022 at S2, as well as the “Salute to the Sea” beach cleanup event held in October at HQ and S1. WNC also collaborates with cafeteria vendors, fruit bars and convenience stores to create Green Marketplaces. The employee cafeteria introduces organic vegetables and fruits grown using eco-friendly land planting methods, increases local sourcing to reduce carbon emissions, and extends waste reduction measures. In June 2022, a campaign was launched at Taiwan sites, encouraging employees to bring their own cups and utensils, with a total of 22,468 participations.

"Beach Cleanup, Plastic Reduction, Love the Earth" event

172 kg of trash was cleared in the "Salute to the Sea" beach cleanup event organized by the Hsinchu Science Park Administration

Certificate of Appreciation