Protection of Confidential Information

WNC strictly complies with the stipulations of customer contracts as well as non-disclosure agreements. To control confidential information, WNC has formulated an Information Security Policy and established the ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS). Each year an inventory is taken and the information assets list is updated. Risk assessment, business impact analysis, disaster recovery drills, user account reviews and firewall rules reviews are performed, and information security awareness programs and training courses, vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, management review meetings, and social engineering drills are executed.

Continuous Improvement

Policy Formulation

Risk Identification

Awareness Program



Customer Satisfaction Surveys

The Customer Service Department under the Quality Assurance Department is responsible for after-sales services, including replacement of new products (DOA), return of materials authorization (RMA), sales of maintenance parts, customer complaint handling and reporting, and the annual customer satisfaction survey. BGUs, quality assurance, research and development, material management, and production units all have dedicated contact people for different customers. Meetings are held with customers every week, month, or quarter according to project requirements to review product development progress and goal achievement. Each business division also designates representatives to participate in quarterly supplier review meetings with customers to ensure timely communication with customers to solidify and enhance customer relationships. Regarding customer complaints, according to WNC’s Customer Complaint Handling Procedures, the Customer Service Department consolidates customer complaints, determines the severity level, assigns a response deadline according to the severity and provides analyses and reports to customers.


WNC’s Customer Service Department conducts global customer satisfaction surveys in the fourth quarter of each year. The survey includes topics such as orders/salespeople services, product development, product quality and after-sales services. The survey response rate for the key customers of each business division must be over 70%. The content and goals of the customer satisfaction survey are formulated in the quality management system review meeting each year. In 2022, the WNC customer satisfaction goal was 90 points. According to the customer satisfaction survey results, overall customer satisfaction is “satisfactory”, even though each business division has different evaluation results due to the various products and services provided by each division. In 2022, business divisions of WNC received positive feedback and encouragement from customers. The customer satisfaction survey results reached 93.57 points (out of 100 points). Among which, “product development” and “order/salespeople services” received the highest scores. Regarding suggestions proposed by customers and items below satisfactory level in the satisfaction survey results, business divisions have communicated with customers, double-checked and proposed improvement strategies.

Customer satisfaction survey in the most recent 4 years
Year 2019 2020 2021 2022
Average Customer Satisfaction ScoreNote 1 94.4 94.27 95.07 93.57
Customer Satisfaction Rate (%) Note2 77.42% 81.58% 89.13% 83.02%
Customer Coverage Rate (%)Note3 80 80 80 80
  • Note 1: The average customer satisfaction score in 2022 has declined in comparison with previous years. This is mainly due to the extended duration for customs clearance as a result of local pandemic control measures of each site, which caused customers to wait longer. WNC’s response to this situation is to increase production capacity in Vietnam, which is expected to be completed in 2023.
  • Note 2: Customer satisfaction rate (%): The satisfaction score higher than the set target of 90 against all questionnaires which were filled in and sent back
  • Note 3: Customer coverage rate (%): The percentage of customers that WNC surveys.