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Rural Education for Elementary Schoolchildren

WNC has provided sponsorships to Tunan Elementary School in Jianshi Township, Hsinchu County since 2013, assisting the school in organizing special education courses on judo, choir and archery. In 2022, WNC and employees donated a total of NT$427,000 to Tunan Elementary School to cover expenses relating to facilities, equipment, coach/teachers, and contest participation.
Students from Siang Bi Elementary School practicing archery
Students from Siang Bi Elementary School participating in archery competition
Students from Tunan Elementary School performing a traditional dance

Sponsorship Program for Rural Schoolchildren

In June 2019, WNC began working with the Miaoli Chunan Family Support Center on a sponsorship plan for schoolchildren in rural areas. WNC successfully duplicated this success in a joint program with the Hsinchu Family Support Center in 2020, and Tainan Family Support Center in 2022, that focused on support for heritage education in rural primary schools. The scope of support also increased.

WNC Offers English Lessons

WNC and the Boyo Foundation began working together to launch a three-year “Differentiated English Teaching Program” to provide free after-school English classes for Tunan Elementary School students in Jianshi Township, Hsinchu County in 2020. This program features “individualized learning” where different teaching materials are used based on the varying levels of the children. It aims to bridge the learning gap and assist them in reaching the proficiency level required within the education system. This program therefore uses specially-designed English teaching materials and utilizes small-class teaching and individual guidance. In addition, after the pandemic situation worsened, online learning kits along with related communication software and hardware were provided to these schoolchildren to ensure uninterrupted learning.
Photos of students in English classes organized by WNC

WNC Classroom

Leveraging its industry knowledge, WNC designed a series of basic communications and science teaching materials in 2020. These are provided to elementary schools in remote areas as supplementary materials for science and technology classes to bridge the rural-urban divide. WNC also invited Tsing Hua University student interns to participate in the WNC Classroom course planning and writing. The game-based course contents are designed for grade one through grade six to make exploring technological trends and applications more fun. WNC has also called on college students to respond to charity initiatives through the Tsing Hua University Pilot Program. The WNC Classroom, which emphasizes online and offline interaction, will launch on-site teaching in 2023. It is expected to stimulate children’s curiosity about the use of technology and communications, as well as the underlying basic science and ignite their interest in future scientific learning projects.

Assisting University Service Clubs

To encourage college students to serve as volunteers WNC provides long-term subsidies for student clubs at National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) and National Cheng Kung University (NCKU). Through its cooperation with the NTHU Indigenous Culture Club, the NTHU Science Promotion Club, the NTHU WHYOU Club, the NCKU Social Service Team, the NCKU Philanthropy Club, and the NCKU Students Service Club WNC helps college students promote after-school assistance and science education for disadvantaged children from remote areas in Taiwan.

NTHU Indigenous Culture Club

Activity conducted by the NTHU WHYOU Club

Activity conducted by the NCKU Social Service Team

Activity conducted by the NCKU Philanthropy Club