WNC follows the principles of “respect for human rights” when recruiting new employees and the entire recruitment process conforms to the Labor Standards Act, Employment Service Act and the Gender Equality in Employment Act. Professional ability is the key factor in our recruitment processes. All participants have an equal opportunity to display their capabilities in an open and transparent recruitment process. Personnel from the recruitment affairs unit also regularly participate in training programs on interview skills and the use of specialized evaluation tools.

Human Resources Structure

As of the end of December 2022, WNC had a total of 11,656 employees worldwide, representing an increase of 8.4% from 2021. Among which, 11,602 and 54 employees were full-time and part-time employees, respectively. There were 6,606 full-time employees in Taiwan, an increase of 25.6% compared to 2021. There were 2,655 full-time employees in China, a decrease of 50% compared to 2021 due to factory relocation to Vietnam. The total number of full-time employees in Vietnam was 2,263.

Promotion and Retention

The Human Resources Administration Divisions across all WNC sites work closely with hiring business units to locate outstanding talent. For colleagues with different qualifications at different levels of the organization, we offer orientation, bonuses for long service and outstanding performance, internal transfers, promotions, salary-structure adjustments, enhancement of management system, and other incentive measures in order to create a sound work environment.

Women Working in the Technology Industry

In response to the rapid development of technology and life applications, our aim is to offer products and services that make life more convenient. This is achieved through a professional team from diverse backgrounds that provide different perspectives. The majority of WNC’s R&D personnel are male. The percentage of female R&D personnel is 18.4% and the percentage of women employees serving as managers is 22.6%. The figure for sales teams has risen to 43.5%.

Percentage of women in managerial positions

Percentage of women serving as managers

Sales managers

Top-level managers

Mid-level managers

Lower-level managers

Talent from Diverse Backgrounds

In addition to hiring talent according to functional requirements, the recruitment rate of different nationalities and different ethnic groups has gradually increased. In 2022, WNC recruited many foreign employees from all over the world including from China, Vietnam, the Philippines, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Brazil, France, New Zealand, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Indonesia and Nicaragua to promote internationalization and facilitate contact with our international customers and suppliers.


To provide persons with disabilities with job opportunities to safeguard their basic living needs and rights, WNC actively encourages the hiring of persons with disabilities. As of the end of 2022, there were 58 employees with disabilities (assessed using a weighted scale) working at WNC Taiwan sites, comprising 0.88% of Taiwan employees. 30 have mild or moderate disabilities and 14 have severe disabilities. Their positions include masseurs, production-line operators, engineers, and personnel on overseas assignment. After arranging a suitable working environment, colleagues with disabilities are able to enjoy roles in which they can develop their skill sets.

Industry-Academia Cooperation

In order to attract outstanding talent, WNC recruits talent through internal and external recruitment channels, and cooperates closely with many colleges and universities to organize activities such as campus talent recruitment, teacher and student visits, corporate mentors, technical lectures, and book and newspaper discussions. WNC also actively participates in and promotes industry-academia cooperation programs, assists young students in understanding the industrial structure in advance, and employs talents from all walks of life and fresh graduates with development potential to prepare key technical talents at home and abroad.

WNC’s participation in talent development programs organized by external organizations

Program Organizer Plan content 2022 Results
Industry-Academia Cooperative Training Program Ministry of Labor WNC worked with the National Taipei University of Technology to organize a two-year internship program. The program focuses on the development of manufacturing engineering talent, integrating the skills and knowledge needed by the industry. In 2022, a total of 2 students are still interning.
Leadership Talent Development Program Tsinghua University Conduct a 7-month corporate cross-sector training course, with mentors leading students to understand career paths and cultivating students' soft power. 10 elite students were selected and a total of 13 training courses were held, leading students to jointly develop ideas related to "Imagination" and "Enlightenment". A project to optimize the process of borrowing and returning books was implemented with excellent reviews from students.
Career Coaching Program National Cheng Kung University Courses are planned according to the career interests of students, and then middle and senior managers of the Company serve as career coaches to guide students to understand the practical aspects of the industry and provide necessary employment preparation information. 9 students participated in the program. A total of 7 coaching courses were held. WNC assigned managers of business units, human resources, information, and marketing departments to serve as coaches to share practical experience in different aspects. In addition, students were provided with the opportunity to have one-on-one in-depth interviews with the head of human resources. Students actively asked questions related to resume reviews, career sharing, interview skills and corporate selection criteria.
Mobileheroes Communication Competition Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs WNC has sponsored National Sun Yat-sen University to hold an annual network communications competition from 2019. We also dispatch staff to guide Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology students to carry out projects to participate in the competition. Worked with students from Institute of Photonics Engineering at Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology: The Dual Polarized Antenna Array Design for 5G Base Stations won the 2022 Communications Application Award.