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Response to Stakeholders

Communication results with key stakeholders and issues of concern have been reported to the Board of Directors in the first BOD meeting in 2022.
Stakeholder Significance to WNC Top 3 Issues of Concern Response Communication Mechanism Communication Frequency Communication Results in 2022
Customers/Partners Customers and partners are the key source of revenue and the most important growth engine for WNC. A company must provide high-quality products and professional services that meet the needs of the market and customers to continue growing.
  • Customer Relationship
  • Management Supply Chain
  • Management Innovation and R&D
To provide high-quality technology and after-sales services, WNC conducts regular meetings to review product development progress and achievement of goals. WNC also evaluates the alignment of the supply chain based on customer requirements and presents improvement strategies based on customer satisfaction survey results. These actions aim to solidify and strengthen customer trust. Customer satisfaction survey Once a year We earned a score of 93.57 points for customer satisfaction and exceeded our goal (90 points).
Customer questionnaire or on-site audit Upon request
Project review meeting Upon request
Customer complaints management Upon request
Global Service Center and after-sales service Upon request
Employees Employees are a key part of the company and a foundation for sustainable development. A company must provide a high-quality work environment and reasonable remuneration to cultivate employees that are willing to utilize their talents and are passionate about delivering performance and value for the company.
  • Salary and Benefits
  • Recruitment and Retention
  • Employee Relations and Communication
WNC regularly adjusts salary levels to ensure that employees are provided with competitive and fair compensation. Multiple reward systems are also in place to encourage employees. Diverse, open, and transparent channels are provided for proposals and communication to continuously strengthen two-way and real-time communication with employees. Employer-employee meeting Quarterly
  • The rates of male and female employees accepting WNC career development planning were 11.6% and 10.3% respectively.
  • Starting from January 2023, female employees at WNC's Taiwan sites who give birth will be eligible to apply for an additional 28 days of paid parental leave beyond the existing 56-day maternity leave.
Occupational Safety and Health meeting Quarterly
Employee Welfare Committee Quarterly
Employee questionnaire Upon request
Company Portal Updated upon request
New recruits seminar Monthly
CEO seminar At least once each quarter
Performance interview and appraisal Semi-annually
Investors/Shareholders Investors and shareholders fund the company through investments. A company must provide transparent, accurate, and real-time operating information to win the trust of investors and demonstrate the company's market value.
  • Business and Financial
  • Performance Product
  • Management Climate Strategy
WNC issues an annual report and has established External Communication and Information Disclosure Management Measures to ensure that the information provided to investors and shareholders is timely and accurate. WNC also conducts climate-related financial disclosures, quantifies risks and opportunities, and proactively plans and prepares Shareholders’ meeting Once a year WNC ranked in the top 20% among all companies in the ninth Corporate Governance Evaluation.
Institutional investors conference Semi-annually
Investor meetings Approx. 100 meetings per year
Suppliers/Contractors Suppliers and contractors are an important part of a company’s delivery of professional products and services. A company must establish an effective and smooth supplier management and communication mechanism to create a win-win situation.
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Operations and Financial Performance
  • Air Pollution Management and Waste Management
WNC requires that both suppliers and contractors comply with the WNC Supplier Code of Conduct and requests the signing of the Supplier’s Commitment to the Code of Ethics, WNC Supplier ESG Questionnaire, and Supplier Commitment to Sustainability Declaration. To ensure the implementation of WNC's sustainability commitment, an annual RBA audit is scheduled for suppliers. SMS portal Updated upon request
  • 88.9% response rate for the first-tier Supplier Commitment to Sustainability Declaration
  • 52 suppliers have completed the WNC Supplier RBA audit.
  • A total of 78 WNC suppliers participated in the Wistron Group Vendor Conference.
Supplier performance evaluation Quarterly
Supplier audit/contractor evaluation Once a year
Supplier conference Once a year
Government Authorities The government and related competent authorities are key to a company’s development. As a responsible corporate citizen, a company must comply with government regulations and policies to win trust and support from the government and the competent authorities.
  • Occupational Safety and Health
  • Innovation and R&D
  • Water Resource Management
WNC closely monitors domestic and international regulations and trends and has implemented a third-party regulation cloud platform management system. This system allows for real-time tracking of regulatory changes through an intelligent regulatory database. In addition to revising internal regulations in a timely manner to ensure compliance, WNC actively invests in R&D to align with government policies aimed at promoting industry innovation, improving the business environment, and enhancing industry competitiveness. Official documents/ questionnaires Aperiodic
  • Zero cases of regulatory violations and major lawsuits (referring to lawsuits exceeding NT$2,000,000 in amount or related to product trading)
  •  Listed in the Taiwan Employment 99 Index by the Taiwan Stock Exchange
Awards Aperiodic
Regulatory seminars/forums/industry-association activity Aperiodic

Stakeholders Contact

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