Sustainable Development Committee

WNC established a Sustainable Development Steering Committee and a Sustainable Development Committee in April 2022, to serve as a cross-unit communications and collaboration platform to enhance vertical and horizontal cooperation in the implementation of ESG strategies. In addition, WNC established the position of Chief Sustainability Officer in May 2022 and appointed the head of the Sustainable Development & Marketing Division to the position to improve WNC’s corporate sustainability governance structure.

The Sustainable Development Steering Committee is chaired by the Chairman, and is composed of the President & CEO as well as top-tier managers from all units. The committee is the highest decision-making body in WNC regarding ESG related topics, and is responsible for reviewing sustainable development policies, managing WNC’s ESG guidelines and mid- and long-term goals, and implementing sustainable development initiatives. It also provides suggestions and instructions on how to develop ESG projects in accordance with WNC’s business management guidelines, business development strategies, and customer requirements. The Sustainable Development Committee is a cross-unit collaboration platform divided into three working groups of environmental protection, social responsibility and corporate governance, and managers from relevant functional units serves as committee members. The committee formulates short-, mid-, and long-term goals, promotes ESG projects, and discloses sustainability information according to sustainable development policies in response to customer expectations and requirements. In addition, the Sustainable Development Center, a dedicated ESG unit of WNC, coordinates committee operations and holds quarterly meetings to confirm that the implementation of short- and medium-term goals and the progress of ESG projects comply with WNC’s sustainable development policies.


Starting in 2019, the President & CEO of WNC regularly report to the Board of Directors regarding communication with stakeholders on sustainable development, plans WNC has put in place regarding sustainable development, as well as progress made in this area. Starting in 2022, reports are made by the chairperson of the Sustainable Development Committee to the Board of Directors. The 2022 annual report includes: the planning of GHG inventory for all WNC worldwide locations in response to the Financial Supervisory Commission’s requirements, and achievements in promoting significant ESG projects.

WNC Sustainable Governance Organizational Structure

WNC voluntarily abides by the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct and has adopted its own Code of Conduct for all WNC employees, affiliated enterprises, and suppliers to follow. An RBA Management Committee is established both at WNC (Taiwan) and at major manufacturing sites in China and Vietnam. The CSO serves as the HQ management representative and the President & CEO serves as the highest-level manager receiving reports on issues. In addition to presenting an annual summary of RBA audits at the first board meeting of each year, any issues that may have a significant impact on operations or involve significant expenses are submitted to the Board of Directors for examination and resolution. In the second quarter of 2022, an execution plan for the GHG inventory of WNC’s worldwide locations was submitted, and quarterly progress updates were provided starting from the third quarter.

The RBA committee establishes members and officers in groups responsible for handling issues related to environmental, health and safety, labor, ethics, and management systems based on the organizational structure of each location. Each function unit (i.e. HQ Finance Division, the Global Supply Chain Management Division, Digital Management Information Systems Division, the Sustainable Development & Marketing Division, Legal & IP Division, Human Resources Administration Division, Quality Assurance Division, Industrial Safety Dept., and Facility Affairs) assigns representatives to serve as members of each group, and the members convene management review meetings every year to discuss RBA-related issues, assess risk in the RBA management system and set key performance indicators (KPIs).


In addition to tracking the implementation status of KPIs on a semi-annual basis, RBA internal auditor training courses and internal audits are held every year. In 2022, a total of 70 employees from all locations participated in internal auditor training. To conform to industry standards and respond to customer requirements, the RBA Validated Audit Program (VAP) is also conducted regularly in Taiwan and major manufacturing sites in China. These audits are carried out in order to assess the WNC RBA management system in a fair and objective manner. For specific customer needs, interim meetings are also convened. With regard to issues related to each group, relevant function units are responsible for the items’ discussion and resolution as well as the execution and review of the resolution items.


To make all WNC employees better understand the meaning of RBA, WNC provides both RBA online courses during the orientation of new employees and the annual RBA training for all employees to promote RBA concepts and policies. In response to regulatory requirements, policy implementation, or customer requirements, irregular meetings are held and educational training courses are conducted.

WNC RBA Management Committee