Remuneration Structure

WNC regularly adjusts employees’ salaries to ensure reasonable compensation for employees as well as to attract and retain talent. Taking into consideration other factors including stockholder rights and interests, employee quality of life, and sustainable development of WNC, employee wages are also regularly adjusted according to current price levels, market supply/demand, average salary levels in the industry, and local laws/regulations. level.

WNC stipulates various reward systems to encourage full-time employees and units with excellent performance, such as performance bonuses, employee compensation, project bonuses, restricted stock and other equity incentive plans, as well as annual long-term employee awards, outstanding team awards, outstanding employee awards and patent awards.

To help employees formulate long-term savings and retirement fund strategies, an Employee Stock Ownership Trust (ESOT) program has been set up. To encourage more employees to participate in the shareholding trust, the Articles of Incorporation were revised in November 2021 to relax the qualifications for membership and the number of years needed before having access to funds. As of the end of 2022, a total of 1,387 employees joined the employee shareholding trust, which was an increase of 29% compared to 2021. For more information and statistics on employees’ benefits and compensation, please visit MOPS.

Employee Support Program

To help employees maintain a work/life balance, in addition to providing diverse work modes, all WNC sites have leave regulations and relevant management measures, such as maternal and child support leave, for full-time employees and contract personnel that are superior to the requirements stipulated in local laws and regulations.

Green Marketplace

In December 2022, WNC became the 1st large-scale enterprise to provide guidance for the use of green foods as part of the initiative “Green Foods Promotion”; It is expected that in 2023, we will apply for tier 1 restaurant certification, and continue to develop policies related to the use of healthy ingredients and green foods.

In 2023, WNC’s Taiwan sites will respond to the EPA’s “Green Restaurant” initiative by promoting environmental management, reducing input, and using healthy ingredients. The goal is to obtain tier 1 restaurant certification and meet international sustainable food standards.

Good Food Movement


Share healthy diet tips with employees. Cooperate with other social enterprises to promote good food.
Mutual Growth


Organic foods from independent farmers Cooperate with other social enterprises to promote good food.
Green Economy


Share healthy diet tips with all employees. Organic foods from independent farmers.