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WNC included in S&P Global Sustainability Yearbook 2022
WNC included in
S&P Global Sustainability Yearbook 2022
WNC included in S&P Global Sustainability Yearbook 2022
Sustainable Development Policy
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Sustainable Development Policy
2021 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards

WNC wins Bronze Medal in Corporate Sustainability Report category for its CSR report and ESG website

EcoVadis Gold Medal

WNC’s ESG performance rated Gold Medal by EcoVadis

Wistron NeWeb Corporation 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility
WNC is an annual participant in the CDP environmental information disclosure and assessment system
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WNC included in S&P Global Sustainability Yearbook 2022

WNC received a Bronze Award in the Buying Power: Social Innovation Products and Services Procurement Reward Program of the Ministry of Economic Affairs

WNC honored to be awarded a Bronze Medal at the 2021 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards

Issuance of the WNC 2020 CSR Report

WNC’s CSR performance in 2020 rated Platinum Medal by EcoVadis


WNC included in S&P Global Sustainability Yearbook 2022

Buying Power: Social Innovation Products and Services Procurement Reward Program

◎Platinum Medal

Annual audit result in CSR by EcoVadis

◎Platinum Medal

Corporate Governance Evaluation

◎TOP 20%


◎Climate change (Management)
◎Value chain engagement (Management)
◎Water security (Awareness)

2021 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards

◎Bronze Medal

Asiamoney’s Outstanding Companies Poll

◎Overall Most Outstanding Company in Taiwan
◎Most Outstanding Company in Taiwan – Technology Hardware & Equipment Sector
◎Most Outstanding Company in Taiwan – Small/Mid Caps Sector

Excellence in CSR Award

◎Large Enterprises Group TOP 50

SGS CSR Awards

◎People Development Excellence

Sustainable Goals and Results

Responding to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

WNC’s sustainable behavior in terms of eight of the 17 SDGs (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals) is summarized below:

■ Organized a free quadrivalent influenza vaccination event, in which 1,888 WNC employees and personnel stationed at WNC sites were vaccinated.
■ 316 employees used the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) consultation service.
■ Completed trace and management of 411 high-risk COVID-19 case contacts and maintained a record of no confirmed cases in our plants.
■ Provided organic vegetables for group meals, with the amount of purchases amounting to NT$8.65 million.
■ WNC colleges held a total of 459 courses, and there were a total of 168,429 participants.
■ WNC employees underwent an average of 22.2 hours of training, with expenses related to employee training amounting to NT$ 9.01 million. The training courses received an overall satisfaction score of 4.5 (maximum of 5) from employees.
■ WNC and WNC employees donated a total of NT$610,000 to assist Tunan Elementary School in Hsinchu County and Siang Bi Elementary School in Miaoli County to sponsor the development of their featured education.
■ Worked with the Taiwan Fund for Families and Children and solicited 284 employees to sponsor students in remote areas in Miaoli to donate a total of NT$852,000.
■ Cooperated with the Boyo Social Welfare Foundation to implement an after-school English tutoring scheme in remote and rural areas for three years with a total of NT$860,000 invested.
■ Rates of male and female employees retained after parental leave were 100% and 80% respectively.
■ Rates of male and female employees accepting WNC career development planning were 17.2% and 15.3% respectively.
■ Conducted bi-monthly water quality tests of water dispensers and announced the results. The test results comply with all relevant standards.
■ S1 site purchased wastewater treatment equipment.
■ Implemented water conservation and recycling programs. The saved and recycled water made up approximately 12.6% of the total water withdrawn by WNC, which saved about NT$ 4.19 million in water withdrawal costs.
■ A total of 2.1 GWh of electricity was generated from solar power in 2020, or approximately 1,121 tonnes of CO2e was reduced. The annual power generation equates to a carbon absorption capacity of approximately 2.9 times that of Daan Forest Park.
■ The number of worldwide employees at WNC increased by 6.9%, an addition of 769 new jobs.
■ The 4th Industry-Academia Partnership Project recruited a total of 37 students, and the student retention rate over the years has been 86.0%.
■ Received and fulfilled a total of 587 requests for green products from customers. In 2020, WNC’s products did not violate any green product directives.
■ 47 suppliers completed the WNC Supplier CSR audit in 2020, making 460 suppliers in total.
■ Seven recycling projects were implemented, resulting in savings of NT$ 26.52 million.
■ WNC sites in Taiwan purchase office supplies, such as computers, and paper towels that have green product labeling. The supplies purchased amounted to NT$ 28.13 million.
■ Total Scope 2 GHG emission intensity decreased by 7.3% in 2020 (base year: 2019).
■ Implemented the ISO 50001 energy management system, reducing emissions by 555 tonnes CO2e and leading to energy savings of around NT$ 2.72 million.
■ Held four environmental protection activities, including a beach cleanup activity, a turn off the lights competition, a test your green knowledge event, and a DIY crafts class and exhibition. A total of 955 employees participated in these activities.